Nicholas Percival Receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from the CNPS

The CNPS is a worldwide organization of physics professors and independent researchers who work on pointing out problems in theoretical physics and developing solutions to those problems. The CNPS gave a Lifetime Achievement Award to Nicholas Percival of Ridgefield on January 28, 2023.

Nicholas Percival, recipient of the Lifetime Acheivement Award for his work with time, special relativity, and the twin paradox

Percival received his degree in physics from Harvard University in 1964 and has studied Special Relativity and its associated Twin Paradox for 60 years. It turned out that while Special Relativity’s equations could be used to predict correct numerical results in some areas, the implied physical model used with employing those equations was radically different than the accepted model for Special Relativity – thus the famous Twin Paradox. Percival clearly articulated the problem and the correct physical model. In addition, Percival’s analysis showed that not only did “time” not have its own dimension, but “time” had no counterpart in reality. Instead, “time” was just a human construct, a generality, emerging from physical process cycles that unfold within 3D space.

Percival’s paper on Special Relativity was published by the Institute of Physics (IOP) in conjunction with the Vigier Society. Also, his work on the true nature of time is discussed in the first 37 videos in his YouTube channel with the conclusion being, “A Surprise Ending”. He also has a Twin Paradox  website. His thesis on “time” was published in the December 2022 issue of Physics Essays.


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