Jeff Yee Programming Project

David de Hilster will be interviewing Jeff Yee about this new project for modeling his wave energy theory.

A competition will be held for developers to contribute to the open source project, with prize money awarded to the winning submission in each phase of the project. There are initially five phases to the project, with a total of $15,000 in cash prizes awarded. The dates and requirements for each phase are found in the next section.

To simulate the creation of particles, atoms and matter with classical physics, illustrating that the universe operates under a single set of classical laws.

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In an article published in Wireless World, December 1978, Ivor Catt published a criticism of the Maxwell displacement current that provoked considerable controversy. This article had a significant impact on my thinking as I had always had reservations regarding the displacement current concept in electromagnetic theory. In fact, the idea of displacement current that the modern textbooks present is completely different from Maxwell’s conception of it. Maxwell’s displacement current refers to the displacement of the electric particles of Maxwell’s aether.

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  1. Jeff Lee is to be commended for supporting basic research. Looking at the EWT web site, it appears that so-called fundamental constants are used. However, these “constants” are in fact the greatest body of unexplained data in physics. Thus, any “results” obtained simply add more items to the unexplained list. The more basic questions include: why is measured vacuum light speed about 30,000 km/sec, and not, say, 50 km/sec or 1 million km/sec? In order to successfully address these real basic questions, one needs to start with postulates that do not require any of the unexplained measurements. Thus far, it appears that EWT has failed in this respect. Basically, it is based on continuous space-time theory, and as such, may serve as an illustration of one more participant in the parade of efforts showcasing the limitations of this theory to address basic issues in science at very microscopic levels.

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