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The Catt Question Background

Sunday June 06, 2021 by Harry Ricker

Many people have difficulty in understanding the Catt Question. This is understandable given the inconsistency and confusion that is produced by the current definition of electricity. (Here is the original formulation of the question.)

$15,000 for Computer Models Work

Monday August 17, 2020 by Jeff Yee

This project intends to model the universe as a physical medium, oscillating to form waves, using only classical mechanics equations. Matter is expected to form from standing waves, and the forces upon such matter as a result of wave interference of longitudinal and transverse waves. This web site explains the mathematical model for the simulation. As potential starting points, a summary video highlights the simplicity of the model, or for more detail, three papers explain the model in classical terms.

The Real Reason Why Einstein Became Famous

Thursday July 09, 2020 by David de Hilster

It wasn't until just days ago that I finally came to the realization as to why Einstein became so famous. After almost three decades studying arguments against relativity including spending over 8 years making the documentary "Einstein Wrong", I finally pinpointed exactly why the public put Einstein onto a pedestal.

PHD in Relativity Abandons Einstein Upon First Real World Application

Wednesday April 08, 2020 by Cynthia Whitney

Now the fact is this: The Sagnac effect is fatal to SRT as presently practiced. Draper people already knew that, and I soon knew it too. And that is how I became a Dissident Physicist.

Roger Boscovich–Modern Physical Science Versus Natural Philosophy

Monday February 17, 2020 by Harry Ricker

The Theory of Natural Philosophy was written in Vienna and is Roger Boscovich’s magnum opus. There are two editions. The first edition, the Vienna edition, was finished while Boscovich was living in Vienna, Austria in the years 1756-1760. In 1758, when Boscovich was age 47, the First, or Vienna, edition appeared. Later in 1763, Boscovich published a second edition in Venice. Significantly the second edition has a completely different title, which reflects a different idea which Boscovich had regarding his finalized system of natural philosophy.

The Mathematical Reality: Why Space and Time Are an Illusion

Sunday February 16, 2020 by Alexander Unzicker

Alexander Unzicker is a theoretical physicist and writes about elementary questions of natural philosophy. His critique of contemporary physics Bankrupting Physics (Macmillan) received the ‘Science Book of the Year’ award (German edition 2010). With The Mathematical Reality, Unzicker presents his most fundamental work to date, which is the result of years of study of natural laws and their historical development.The discovery of fundamental laws of nature has influenced the fate of Homo sapiens more than anything else. Has modern physics already understood these laws?

Weaponizing the Flat Earth Movement

Friday February 14, 2020 by David de Hilster

At first glance, the flat earth movement seems to undermine everything rational in science. Mainstream media and even dissident scientists like to point out how the flat earth movement is proof that the internet can spread scientific heresy to a gullible population. But there is a larger more nefarious agenda behind mainstream science’s attack on the flat earth movement and that attack is far far more dangerous than the “flat earth society” itself.

“Wrinkles In Time” & Critical Thinking

Saturday February 08, 2020 by Nick Percival

Smoot’s mission was to see if there were “wrinkles” in the CBR representing the earliest signals of the Big Bang – from about 300,000 years after the bang. Smoot & team also had to make a detailed map of radiation from our galaxy and indeed from the whole sky so that they could remove “noise” radiation from their data.

Financing the Birth of Regressive Physics

Wednesday January 22, 2020 by Glenn Borchardt

Like everyone else, regressive physicists and cosmogonists do not live on air. In the USA, money for science must go through Congress, the executive branch, or rich donors almost all of whom are extremely or at least moderately religious. The USA government is not going to finance the downfall of religion, which patriotically supports their military endeavors.

Review 2019: Earth Expansion & Pelaeogravity

Monday December 30, 2019 by Stephen Hurrell

It's time to reflect on the events of 2019. Once again, it's been another busy year for Earth expansion and palaeogravity.

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