Annual Fundraiser


The John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society (CNPS) and the Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) before it, was founded by Dr. John Chappell in order to create a group of like-minded critical thinkers from across the globe who actively criticize mainstream physics and cosmology and to come up with better models for the universe. For over 30 years, this group has been funded by its members. From its beginning using telephones, typewriters, and snail mail, the group has grown world-wide and like many groups, is now a modern online community.

What the CNPS Provides

The CNPS provides an online community platform that allows people to present, interact, and recognize those scientists and individuals who are working outside of mainstream science in such areas a physics, cosmology, mathematics, and philosophy.


These are the expenses for keeping the CNPS alive and well online.

Monthy Expenses:

  • Mailchimp: $26
  • Overleaf:  $30
  • Server Decurity:  $300

Annual Expenses:

  • Server: $750 (our site’s server)
  • BuddyBoss: $366 (Facebook-like website)
  • Server Security: $300
  • Membership Press:  $250 (membership software)
  • StreamYard: $200 (live video conferencing)
  • Domain Names: $80
  • Secure Certificate: $100