Debunking the debunking of the JWST debunkiing of BIg Bang

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    I’m surprised this isn’t the main discussion group presently. Since the Aug 22 CNPS interview with Dr. Borchardt & George Coyne, etc., I’ve taken an interest in seeing the general consensus on this matter, and wow, are there ever alot of articles claiming some variation on “NO, JWST HAS NOT DEBUNKED BIG BANG”. Its a kind of emergency alert system to circle the wagons and calm the world, and its taken over the internet. Looks like this is presently the best and biggest example of a mainstream Panic in defense mode to preserve its cognitive dissonance.

    So if it were possible and anyone else is interested, I’d love to see a string devoted to the ‘Correcting’ of all these articles and video’s. If that were possible, I think the most enjoyable one to start off might be this one from a couple weeks ago from the one scientist seemingly least prepared to be challenged on these subjects – Neil deGrasse Tyson:

    … Or not, but I could sure use some help understanding where mainstream is gaslighting me under the duress of their failing authority.

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