Electrons travel in stable orbits around nucleus; denying Bohr’s theory, updated

  • Electrons travel in stable orbits around nucleus; denying Bohr’s theory, updated

    Posted by Jan Olof on July 22, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    Bohr’s claim that electrons can not travel in stable circular orbits around a nucleus, is being regarded as basic physics theory that is widely accepted as scientific truth.

    The claim is based on the commonplace Maxwellian electromagnetics.

    Please see:

    [48] N. Bohr, Collected Works, 2, Amsterdam; North-Holland ; New York: American Elsevier, 1981, p. 241

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    Reference numbers are from the paper ‘Application of Coulomb’s Law on Electric Currents Explains Several Electromagnetic Phenomena’, by this author, Journal of Basic and Applied Physics, Vol. 5, Iss.1, PP. 40-46.

    The journal has ceased to exist, but the paper is currently available on the website:


    However, long before this author began to question these physics, Compton frankly claimed that electrons orbit in stable, circular orbits around the nucleus.

    Please see

    [52} A. H. Compton, X-Rays and Electrons, An Outline of Recent X-Ray Theory, Macmillan and Co, LTD, London 1927, p. 29

    And this author has done a deep analysis of how this may occur, using Coulomb’s Law .The author has also successfully applied Special Relativity Theory on Coulomb’s Law in other applications.

    Hence, this author offers a coherent theory with a broad application spectre.

    Please see earlier contributions on this website.

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