Is there ever understanding of "counter-intuitive" ideas?

  • Is there ever understanding of "counter-intuitive" ideas?

    Posted by Jerry on February 16, 2022 at 5:56 am

    When a theory or idea is seen as “counter-intuitive”, it is often only that way temporarily, until the theory is understood and shown as possibly accurate. That a given effect isn’t what was maybe initially expected. A few examples that applied at earlier times, were that the earth revolves around the sun, that microscopic organisms cause illnesses, or that human beings evolved from other animals?

    Sometimes, a scientific concept used to describe a given cosmic oddity might initially seem “counter-intuitive”. The possible reason why is that the idea is quite complex and difficult to understand. That the consideration and acceptance of certain relevant facts seems required to comprehend at a higher level, to fully grasp the underlying theme.

    What of how particles have been said to “pop in and out of existence”, of how the “wave function collapses”, or the way time and space show relativistic effects for various objects within inertial frames?

    What of how a given theory described as “counter-intuitive” is possibly just incorrect? The phrase is commonly used, and possibly overused to sometimes mislead, to ascribe accuracy and significance to a mistaken idea, with the popular “counter-intuitive” label.

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