What of "inertial frames"?

  • What of "inertial frames"?

    Posted by Jerry on January 3, 2022 at 1:19 am

    How exactly to define “zero gravity”, and “inertial frames”?

    Of how to accurately view and understand inertial frames?

    What of how inertial frames may only exist without acceleration?

    What of how the earth is said to exist as a valid inertial frame,

    yet the whole time there is the effect of earth’s gravity?

    What of the equivalence of acceleration and gravity?

    What of how they’re technically different, even though they

    produce similar, yet limited effects, and have different causes?

    What of the weightless outer space inertial frames?

    What of the frame of how when traveling towards the earth,

    within the “free-fall” of giving in to the effect of gravity,

    that objects inevitably accelerate?

    What of how gravity allegedly slows time?

    If gravity slows time, does acceleration also?

    If it doesn’t, why point out their “equivalence”

    under controlled conditions?

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