• Posted by Andy on July 15, 2022 at 3:28 pm

    First and foremost, our universe is a machine, unlike any machine we’ve built, but a machine no less and no more. That is the primary assumption we should all embrace. Our universe is entirely mechanical in nature.

    I’ve been around industrial equipment my entire life. Machines make sense.

    There are two types of operators, those who can run the machine, and those who can repair them. Machine operators are your average workers. They know where all the buttons are, know how to make adjustments, and can operate the machine efficiently. Some are better than others at finessing the machine to produce the optimal product in the shortest time frame. In the printing business, rubber-bands and paper clips are an operators best tools. Yes, we literally use them sometimes.

    Inevitability, machines break, and then it’s time to call in the person who can fix it. Sometimes it’s the operator, and sometimes it’s a dedicated repairer that understands machines on a much deeper level. Those types of people can detect a problem just by listening to the machine running. Maybe it’s a burnt bearing making a grinding noise, or a stuck relay hesitating to trigger, but they will find the problem eventually and fix it. Listening is step one. Maybe they’re just listening to the operator describe the problem, or maybe they’re listening to the machine run, but it’s always step one in the diagnosis. The good ones can even make modifications to a machine to make it do things beyond its original specification. They may even have parts machined to enhance its capabilities. These are the intuitive operators. They know mechanics, and are ready to roll up their sleeves and get dirty to fix a problem. They aren’t aren’t always the best operators though. Maybe they get bored with the mundane. Running a machine can be somewhat boring, once you know what you’re doing.

    This is analogous to science.

    We have a lot of machine operators going through the motions, and a lot of repair people making modifications. Operators are those applying common knowledge to solve problems and build things. The mechanics invent things that have never existed using the limited knowledge they possess about the machines functionality.

    What’s missing from this picture is a builder. Neither the operator nor the repair person can build a machine, because they lack the fundamental knowledge of the design.

    That’s where we’re at in science. Until we understand the fundamental blueprint in how this universal machine functions, we’re stuck in the weeds making educated guesses. Sometimes we’re right, and sometimes we’re wrong, and sometimes it is nearly impossible to tell the difference.

    In the end, our universe is a machine, nothing more and nothing less. We can and will figure it out, and once we do, everything else will make perfect sense. Then we can start inventing more stuff.

    There are no paradoxes in machines. A paradox is a fatal flaw in reasoning the problem, not a strange but true fact of the machine. We can’t un-print mistakes in the printing business, and we can’t undo things in nature. What’s done is done.

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  • Nick

    July 18, 2022 at 1:02 pm

    Interesting perspective and analogy.