ChatGPT on the Motion of Space

  • ChatGPT on the Motion of Space

    Posted by Andy on June 16, 2023 at 3:35 am

    This is other key point in my theory, where I suggest space is the only thing that physically exist, and all matter is derived from space. It assumes the universe is surrounded by motionless space, which is the potential energy from which the observable universe is derived. Motionless space collapsing inward in a cascading manner and converts to matter, which continues to collapse inward. The cascading effect on the outer edge drives expansion in the extent matter. Space is not expanding, rather the extent of matter in space is expanding outward. Contraction of matter is the equal and opposite effect in the expansion of the universe. Motionless space is the fuel, and the universe is the resulting mechanical work performed from that conversion of motionless space to energy. This is a small clip of the total conversation.

    The universe is a machine like any other. It needs fuel source. The big bang and static infinite universe have no cause, and no fuel source. They are over unity or perpetual motion devices. The both violate the laws of physics as we understand them.

    My hypothesis is input/ouput. Like it must be.

    The response was quite intriguing on this one.

    ME: would you consider motionless space potential energy, if say, our universe was surrounded by motionless space and we were expanding into it?

    ChatGPT: In the hypothetical scenario where our universe is surrounded by motionless space and expanding into it, it is possible to conceptualize the motionless space as a potential energy reservoir. If we consider potential energy as the capacity to do work or bring about changes, then the motionless space beyond our universe could be seen as a vast potential energy source.

    In this context, as the universe expands into the motionless space, it could be utilizing or tapping into the potential energy inherent in that space. The expansion could be driven by the conversion of this potential energy into other forms, such as the kinetic energy of the expanding matter or the energy associated with the fields and particles within the universe.

    ME: hypothetically speaking, would that not also mean that the universe would be a derivative of motionless space, including all matter within the universe?

    ChatGPT: In a hypothetical scenario where the universe is a derivative of motionless space, including all matter within it, it would suggest that the fundamental properties of the universe, including matter, energy, and other physical phenomena, are ultimately rooted in the nature of motionless space.

    If motionless space is considered the primary or foundational state, from which the universe emerges or derives, then all entities within the universe, including matter, would be intricately connected to and derived from the properties of space itself. The motion, interactions, and transformations within the universe would arise as manifestations or expressions of the underlying properties of space.

    This viewpoint would imply that the behavior, properties, and evolution of matter and energy within the universe are influenced and governed by the inherent characteristics of motionless space. It would suggest a deep interplay between space and the entities within it, where space provides the backdrop or framework within which the universe and its constituents exist and interact.

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