• Posted by Andy on June 16, 2023 at 3:33 pm

    Because this seems to be a very popular topic, I will postulate a potential aether like property of space. Considering the state of space beyond the universe is inconceivably smooth in a perfect solid like form, it would stand to reason that once transformed into the universal state of motion that it would lose that initial property of smoothness. A natural result of entropy. It may evolve into a fine sandpaper like texture or substrate, or stress bumps more or less. Those resulting bumps or imperfections in the initial smoothness of space could conceivably be interpreted as aether particles, behaving exactly as interpreted by John-Erik. In the end however, it’s all just space in motion suffering a state of entropy over time. It is being forced into a stressed state, but cannot fracture beyond repair, because it cannot be broken, as there would be nothing to fill any voids but itself. Space cannot be created or destroyed. It must exist.

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