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    Posted by Eugene on May 1, 2023 at 12:28 am

    You ask some interesting questions about ether and time. Perhaps someone can logically answer them.

    I agree that time is fundamental and exists. My first expanding earth paper was based on using the time of The Great Oxidation Event (~ 2 BYA; H<sub>2</sub>O formed ~1.4 BYA) with 1 eV decaying every 2 million years. The curves indicated too much energy was being converted so that rate was changed to 1 eV per 1.75 MY. It wasn’t until the exponential doubling factor of y<sup>x</sup> = 2 was incorporated (as indicated on the first few pages of The Ionic Growing Earth) that a procedure was found that could be used to calculate earth’s decay rate (1 eV per 1.6 MY) with results that generally follows the Phanerozoic Era of Geology. In this regard, earth time only applies to the lifetime of those elemental atoms. The procedure is useful for producing different ageing rates for other different places and verifying that Einstein is right saying …”Time passes differently in different places…”


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