Did Ancients know?

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    The more I’m open to the idea that many ancient tales of humanity aren’t just creative tales and fictions, but actual broken telephone versions of eye witness account of history passed down through oral tradition, the more I begin to doubt the main stream straight line evolution theory of humanity. I’m fairly convinced at this point, we aren’t the first or last age of humans, and there may have been many cataclysms that have ‘reset’ life on earth.

    But, as for the expanding earth theory, I’m curious if there are any ancient writings that could be considered pointing to that theory. As I become more open to the idea that we have had a much more complex history, hints of which exist in ancient tales, I am having a growing problem believing that present humanity might be the very first to actually consider the expanding earth.

    Does anyone know of any ancient writings that demonstrate expanding earth knowledge in the ancient past? Its difficult to believe there would be zero depictions, paintings, writings, etc, if its likely we aren’t the first to comprehend this idea.

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