When all else fails, consider the “full quantization” option

  • When all else fails, consider the “full quantization” option

    Posted by James on January 2, 2021 at 11:11 pm

    I find the vast majority of theorists are “all-in” in support of continuous space-time theory (CSTT), which uses real number coordinates (i.e., an infinite number of possible locations) and asserts that there is an infinite number of points in a line (as in, for example, so-called “field lines”.

    Could it be we need a jail break-out here? Instead of being “locked inside” CSTT, consider the full quantization option. E.g., with space (length) quantized, only selected points (not all) have physical significance. It appears that numerous investigators (yes, here in CNPS, too) have discovered that CSTT fails at more microscopic levels. Yes, they don’t interpret their work that way. But think about it. One might cite (in a review) many of these efforts as evidence that CSTT does not work at sub-atomic, very microscopic levels.

    OK, I’ll distract the guards, so you can break out of CSTT prison. Go, go, go!

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