Ionel Dinu Aether Model

  • Ionel Dinu Aether Model

    Posted by Davide on January 26, 2022 at 3:41 pm

    Good evening,

    I’m here to report a particular Aether Model, researched by Romanian Physics teacher Ionel Dinu. I read the papers thoroughly, I find them interesting enough to suggest reading to others.

    I noted that this models is particularly gaining momentum on Youtube channels. I anticipate that it consist in the interactions of two substances (and not one), that Ionel Dinu claims to be gaseous and predicted in the periodic table from Mendeleev.

    These substances are called Electrigen and Aether and they come before Hydrogen in the periodic table.

    He then proceeds in dispensing charges and fields altogheter from EM Theory, trying to describe all the relative phenomena with his new paradigm.

    I invite you all in the reading, the papers are, for now, three. “Fundamentals of a Theory of the Aether” Part 1 -2 -3

    Thanks for your interest and sorry for any errors in my english, I’m from Italy.

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