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  • Jerry

    May 29, 2024 at 7:18 pm

    Hi again!

    How is it through zero dimensional “point particles” that further dimenions contructed could explain string theory, quantum mechanics, entropy, and gravity? What is a “point particle” exactly? Did you mean something other than observable (or detectable) particles such as, say, protons and electrons? If they’re zero dimensional, how to know they physically exist? If a “point particle” is one miniscule point of something in particular, such as with a dense physical structure, it’s already three dimensional by itself. Or is it possible that point particles consist of somewhat of a “flowing wave or cloud”? If so, what is this composed of? energy? If so, what is “energy” exactly? Is the proton and electron composed of energy? Or is it that they radiate energy? Does energy always involve a “charge”? If so, what is the “pure energy” which is allegedly released when the atom is “split”? Is it possible all energy inevitably boils down to “mechanical energy”? Please let me know your thoughts.