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  • Jerry

    May 29, 2024 at 7:05 pm

    Hi Graeme. Interesting thoughts.

    I would personally say that “dimensions” couldn’t exist separately. The original and the only currently accurate definition for dimensions identifies how objects have height, depth, and width. So it is the physical structure of objects that the three dimensions describes. One dimension by itself, such as a line, or two dimensions, such as a plane, isn’t real, or only exists as theoretical. Also, time doesn’t seem to meet the same conceptual qualifications as the three physical dimensions.

    All physical objects seem to exist in open area of empty space, yet the aether, the space-time continuum, and other possible mediums have been theorized to exist, which propagate particles, waves, and even objects. The main phenomena I think aether seems at least somewhat plausible to explain is the “action at a distance” effect. This doesn’t apply only to “entangled particles”, yet also to gravity, electromagnetism, and possibly various other “fields”. However, since the alleged aether is invisible, and impossible to physically detect, it’s composition or structure is impossible to know. Sorry about the tangent. lol