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  • Andy

    March 23, 2021 at 12:27 am

    Hello Steffen,

    Sorry I missed this post. Never received an alert and just happened to see the notification.

    This is a very deep conversation, and I don’t want to overwhelm, so we’ll start slowly.

    In my view the only thing that physically exists is space. Everything else is a derivative. Why would anything else exist? And I think that’s the million dollar question no one is asking, and no one has an answer to. There is no logical reason for anything to exist but space. Space is the primary ingredient for a universe. It is also the only physical ingredient. It is the fundamental building block of existence as we perceive it. What space does is what makes a universe that we can experience. Space certainly isn’t nothing, but without motion it lacks dimension. Raw space is a motionless void. A singular dimensionless point of existence. Scale has no meaning. You cannot think in terms of size. Size or scale is a human concept. How big something is a relative term. Space, sans our universe, is only equal to itself. Its value is |1|, because it is only comparable to itself. It is not infinite, it is finite. |0| is the absence of space, which is not a possible state. Space always exists.


    Most importantly. Has science proven or observed anything to exist but space?

    No, they haven’t. Think about that. No one knows what energy is, yet 99% of the population believes we’re all made of energy, because science tells us e=mc^2. Has science produced a jar of this pure energy? No. That jar sitting on a shelf is filled with space. The atoms that make up that jar are filled with space. Space is all we have ever observed, or at least the motion of space is what we observe.

    I would have to default to Occam’s razor. Space is the only material ingredient. Everything we are is derived from the actions of space.