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  • Andy

    December 3, 2020 at 3:10 pm

    Whenever someone breaks down something fundamentally understood, it’s sure to meet resistance. I understand. Consensus forces us into a direction and it’s hard to convince anyone to turn around and head the other way. Right or wrong isn’t applicable. It reminds me of that psychological experiment, where they sat about 7 people down in room, with 1 being the subject of the experiment, and the others taking part in the experiment. The presenter showed everyone a set of lines, and everyone had to pick which one was the longest publicly. You could see the look of distress on the subjects face when he naturally followed the consensus and picked a shorter line, because everyone else did. He was always last to pick if I recall. Group think is a powerful influence on individuals.

    There’s no way to say this delicately, but we’ve been wrong about 3D space since the days of Einstein, and probably long before that. Even Einstein missed it. Einstein even added the 4th dimension of time on top of a flawed understanding of 3D space which rocked physics to its core. We’re still reeling from that added dimension. He made it 4D space-time, which we’re apparently traveling through. I’ve never met anyone that agrees with it, privately. In the mainstream, it is fully alive. Mainstream physics is like the cloud. It doesn’t really exist in any particular location. The idea of mainstream physics is an influence.

    3D space, as far as its physical dimensions go, doesn’t even make sense when you really think about it. Length, width, and height, are labels for a 1-demensional line. How you rotate that “3D” object changes the meaning of the labels. And for a perfectly square box, label assignment is entirely arbitrary. Length is an arbitrary term, which is based on an arbitrary measuring system, which is based on an arbitrary line segment of matter made up of trillions of random atoms. A meter for example, only means something to us, compared to other things that mean something to us.

    Space is one thing, not 3 things built on dimensions of, length x length x length. Space either exists, or it doesn’t. That’s a 1-dimensional problem.

    How it is perceived is a multi-dimensional problem, so if we’re going to be completely objective, how it is perceived requires hundreds, or even thousands of dimensions to define it, because everything that physically exists is derived from space. Picking 3 identical dimensions of length was arbitrary. 3D as is the currently implied meaning does not define space.

    Space is 1 dimensional. How we choose to perceive space requires countless dimensions.

    There was a scene in the movie, Moneyball, where the owner of the Boston Red Sox says, “The first guy through the fence always gets bloodied.” Paraphrasing a little. Basically he was saying, no one likes change, because it threatens the way they do things. It threatens their way of life. Great movie by the way. Highly recommend it.