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  • Andy

    November 29, 2020 at 1:54 pm

    I’m going to focus on fundamental 3D motion again for a minute. The following is what fundamental motion truly represents.

    Space can only do two things physically, expand or contract.

    Imagine our universe as a sphere.

    There are two directions of motion. To clarify, I need to assign a few variables, and I know they overlap commonly accepted labeling. Just ignore that for now for simplicity.

    Dimension=D / Time=T / Contraction=C /Expansion=E

    These represent 1D inward motion, which is driven by contraction.

    Inward acceleration (D=1, T=1, C=0) |—>—>—| (D=0, T=0, C=1)

    Outward deceleration (D=1, T=1, E=0) |—<—<—| (D=0, T=0, E=1)

    The scale of matter determines its position in the line. The higher the rate of contraction, the faster matter moves inward along that line. The left side is the outer edge of our universe, and the right side the inner edge of our universe. As long as dimension is contracting, it must move inward. As long as dimension is expanding, it must move outward. All matter is contracting towards 0. All space is expanding towards 0. The rate of contraction along that line can be slowed down, or sped up, but it cannot stop and pause, because space can only do 2 things physically, expand or contract. Any pause invokes a state change in whatever is moving, because the object would flip from contraction to expansion. Where something is in the universe is every bit as important in what it’s doing.

    Contraction = Acceleration

    Expansion = Deceleration

    We are not looking deep enough for the answers. We are fooled by an Earthly bias. What seems as simple as going for a jog down the street, fundamentally, is a much simpler process on one end, but mind boggling on the other. We are coaxing each individual piece of matter to change its position in the universe, by manipulating expansion and contraction of little balls of dimension that makes us up in an omnidirectional manner. We are redirecting motion and position already inherent in the system.

    Each tiny little piece of matter sees itself in the center of the universe. When you lift your arm, or type, you’re manipulating the underlying condition of contraction. You’re slowing it down in a very controlled and specific manner to change the position of those little pieces.

    Motion has always bugged me. I never understood how things moved. Yes, we have have well established biological and mechanical causation, but it’s felt incomplete. As far as I was concerned, we shouldn’t even be here, so how the hell do things move around?

    Science is seeing everything from one side of the problem. Pack a few million pounds of hydrogen and oxygen fuel into a tube, light it, and push 10 tons of stuff up into space. They’re looking at it from a standpoint action and reaction. That’s incomplete, or one side of the problem. What we’re really doing is manipulating the expansion and contraction of each piece of matter, and directing that in a very well orchestrated and controlled and specific manner to redirect or coax motion out of contraction.

    Motion is a 1-dimensional linear problem. Meaning it can only do two things, in two very specific directions, inward or outward.

    We got all caught up in relative motion, ignoring the fundamental meaning of motion. We wanted to know how fast things were going, so we gauge motion by things relative to us. We got caught in the speed of things, ignoring the basic logical limits of motion as if they didn’t even exist. We set a limit at the speed of light, and made our point of observation relative, not 0. How fast we’re traveling is somewhat irrelevant information in understanding fundamental motion. The motion at C is a transition point from contraction to expansion, or vice versa. It is a finite point where something is either expanding or contracting. It provokes a state change.

    We are traveling on a one way trip inward to 0. You cannot go backwards as matter, only forward.

    We do not move like we think we do. We manipulate our physical position in the universe by altering 1D dimensional space.

    That’s our 3D universe, and that’s 3D motion. 1D time + 1D space + 1D motion = 3D universe. There are no hidden dimensions. The universe is a very simple machine fundamentally. We are only taking half the problem into account in classical mechanics, and the other half in quantum mechanics. We try to extend each one out to explain the other, thinking it will give us an answer to the universe. We’re smashing atoms in accelerators, trying to see how they’re made, while searching for that ultimate particle that gives matter energy. It does not work like that. Contraction is motion, and motion is energy, and time defines how long that mass energy is going to stick around. Time allows us to perceive distance, and calculate velocities, but underneath it all is a very simple and easily understand expansion and contraction process driving observed motion.

    It is not what we thought it was. As a matter of fact, we never really looked any deeper than Einsteins relativity. We added laws which masked the answer, ruling out anything greater than the speed of light. Yet, we have quantum entanglement. Instantaneous communication between two points. As I suggested on here somewhere, QE occurs when the motion between two particles bind, making the motion between them absolute, or 1. When v=1, t=0, space=0. It’s a virtual absolute, but absolute enough to us. Because, as I said, true |1| and |0| lies outside our universe.