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  • Andy

    November 28, 2020 at 2:06 am

    I’m going to try and explain the concept of 3D motion a little deeper, something I’ve attempted in the past but with limited success. It was hard to explain and it also wasn’t a more developed concept at the time. I could see it but I hadn’t quite gotten a handle on infinity.

    All matter and the space we traverse moves 3-dimensionally. The reasoning behind it is pretty simple. Our universe only consists of three 1-dimensional states, bound together by the action of motion. Motion is energy, and everything in our universe can be considered mass energy. Motion cannot occur within individual dimensions, because all three dimensions are dependent on one another to exist in a 3D manner, including the space we move through. Motion can only occur 3-dimensionally. It’s what we observe fundamentally as well. Mass is perceived to increase with observed acceleration, and time is also altered as well. That is all 3 dimensions, without question.

    All matter is already in an accelerating state of motion inward traveling at C and contracting. Contraction is the fundamental motion. Of course, it’s a relative state that we can’t notice physically.

    To make this simpler to understand, imagine a round ball contained in a magnetic field from all sides. The field is pushing on it so it becomes centered in the field. Now imagine you could control the force against the ball by reducing it’s resistance to the external force at any point along the surface. The ball would move in that direction.

    For matter, the process is reversed. The ball wants to move 3-dimensionally inward in a straight line along a linear path leading to 0 in the middle, naturally. When we move, we aren’t technically moving in a sense. We are redirecting the inward motion already present in the system. We can redirect that motion along any path in an omnidirectional manner. It looks like acceleration from the outside, but we are not accelerating per se, we are simply resisting inward motion in a controlled manner, and redirecting. That’s the fundamental principle of motion.

    It really does make sense to me that motion would already be present. Not just the centrifugal motion we see everywhere. Why would all matter be spinning for no good reason, as we observe? Science thinks it’s related to some mysterious field caused from within matter, as if each atom has a built in Duracell battery with a nearly unlimited supply of energy. The built in battery is supposed to be responsible for the mass, spin, nuclear weak, nuclear strong, magnetism, gravity, etc etc. I don’t think so. We’re lucky to get a day or so on a charge of a lithium ion battery in our cell phones. Anything we make requires a continual input of fuel to get any output. Never added up to me. We’re talking about things that last billions of years, like hydrogen.

    In my view, I find the concept of an internal power source highly unlikely and highly doubtful. The useable energy in an atom is a result of continual contraction and its motion, and is merely a relative state of mass energy. Mass energy is being lost at a high rate over time with contraction, and relative to everything else it only appears static or constant and packed with energy. The magnitude of energy drops, but everything relative to us also drops, so the 1-to-1 relationship is maintained

    Anyway, I hope I explained that well enough.