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  • Andy

    November 27, 2020 at 5:03 am

    There’s always been this puzzle as to why the universe follows mathematics, and no one has been able to solve the puzzle. But if you really think about, and I mean really think about, it’s a remarkably simple answer. And it makes perfect logical sense.

    Motion is linear and 1 dimensional. Something can be stopped at 0, or reach a maximum state of 1. Acceleration and deceleration is a perfect analog process along a forward or backward linear path. No step can be skipped over, and something can either stop on 0, or reach the maximum limit. Simple linear motion is the universes way of performing analog counting, so to speak. Not to suggest there is will to count. Motion is a natural part of the universe we exist within. We can correlate analog motion to numbers, because numbers are linear.

    Matter works the same way, because matter follows a linear order of expansion or contraction along a 1-dimensional path.

    Time follows whatever matter or the space that we traverse, and must also follow a perfect linear order.

    Steps can never be skipped in nature, because each dimension must function in a linear manner. It’s not miraculous, or complicated, or mysterious to understand.

    We exist in a 3-dimensional universe, built on time, motion, and mass, with each individual dimension following a perfect linear order of motion. It’s the only way it can be.

    The finite limits of 0 and 1 guarantee us a correlation between an analog universe and a man made digital numbering system.

    The universe isn’t bound to the laws of mathematics, it’s the only way it can be. It’s doing what it must do naturally, because there is no other choice in the matter. That’s the way linear properties or processes work.

    Consider that mystery solved. Not a big deal, and not all that mysterious or remarkable.