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  • Andy

    November 26, 2020 at 9:44 pm

    Cantor placed way more significance in numbers and infinity than was ever justified mathematically or scientifically. It was not real. He came to a conclusion about infinity that suited his ideology, and everyone else’s in that time period. He thought infinity was tied religion and god. He jumped to an end result, and we got stuck with an absurd mathematical definition as, a number greater than any assignable or countable number. That number does not exist. It is intentional redundant logic created by man. There is no end to numbers, until the human race goes extinct. Then they’re all finite. Cantor erroneously defined infinity as a number, and the world welcomed the conclusion in those times because it appeared to bridge theology and science. Infinity was a place beyond our comprehension, a place only god and religion could exist, which was inaccessible to mere mortals.