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  • Andy

    November 26, 2020 at 4:26 pm

    Being wrong is never pleasant, and if there is anyone on this site that can appreciate all the negatives that are associated with continual failure, I can. My entire conclusions were developed in the back alleys and dark rooms of chat forums. Those are the dregs of the scientific community in most cases. Those are NOT typically places where anyone with scientific knowledge is looking to discover anything new, or figure anything out, with few exceptions. Nice guys are the rare exception to the rule. Most are there for one reason and one reason only. To pump up their own egos and disparage anyone and everyone that did not spend 10 years in a classroom amassing knowledge, without so much as a single original thought. Most sites won’t even allow questioning the accepted versions of science on any level, like the big bang. Questioning it leads to a “crackpot” label and being banned from posting for x-time as punishment, as they send you on your way. It’s viscous, and contradicts everything they bill themselves as from the casual passerby, and everything science should stand for on many levels. It’s a snake-pit of vipers sitting in wait, ready to strike.

    You guys know exactly what I’m talking about, because you’re here on the fringe, with me. Pushed outside the collective box of scientific knowledge.

    The most significant aspect of all my thoughts and BS writing that I can offer anyone here is a new state to contemplate, absolute 1, an opposing state of absolute 0. It’s real, and it exists beyond our universe. Absolute 0 is the direction of the within, and absolute 1 is the direction of the without. The universe cannot be “infinite” in extent. Of that, I am 100% confident in my reasoning, because I can back it up with mathematical logic. Not a statement I make lightly. Absolute 0 and absolute 1 define 1 dimensional space. Absolute 1 is a finite state of the universe, and lies outside the universe we traverse, which is infinite. Just not the same infinity we thought it was.


    Ironically, infinity represent a calculable universe, where |1| represents an incalculable universe. Although |1| is endless, it cannot be considered infinite. The reason is, |1| is an endpoint on a 1-dimensional line. Sure, it’s a big ass end point in reality, but a point mathematically none the less, because its value is |1| everywhere. If you add time it is a 2-dimensional state, frozen with 0 motion. Time follows mass, so when all values of a definable state of space are |1|, time=|1|. It has the potential to become part of the 3 dimensional space that we experience, but it is not part of us until motion begins. It has no energy, because its motion is 0.

    The value of |1| has no calculable properties, and no definable dimension, because it is an endless state stretching outward forever. x=x is about all you can do with it.

    If anyone continues down this path of an infinite Cantor universe, you will find yourselves on a path leading to nowhere. It won’t survive science, because it is wrong. You will find yourselves on the wrong side of scientific discovery.

    My friendly advice, start re-examining your thoughts and theories. Something which was a perpetual exercise for me over the past 35+ years.

    My theory was not built on success, it was built on continuous failure for over 30+ years. Until I finally found the flaw in my reasoning and started righting the ship. I’ve been hit in the head with countless physics books, bullied by mindless intellectuals full of knowledge, been “crackpotted”, and banned from forums. Failure after failure lead me on a path to certainty.

    I am not wrong.