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  • Andy

    November 24, 2020 at 10:16 pm

    Let me clarify a statement. Acceleration only occurs in a single direction of motion, and deceleration only occurs in the opposite direction of motion. I realized there may be a little confusion in the way I have written some of this. I see these things in my head and take for granted it’s not easy translate fully sometimes to others. You have to reverse course along the motion axis completely to go into a decelerating state, and head outward. That middle point is C, where acceleration flips to from acceleration to deceleration. It has to do with your position in the universe. You are always contracting inward when you are in perceived motion, until you try to to breach the limit of C. That’s why I say you have to pass through a finite value when you reverse course, where you contractive energy flips to expansive energy. You can flip prematurely at C where your motion is forced to 0, or wait for an inevitable 1, which also leads to 0. Basically what I’m saying is that from C<1 is acceleration, and from 0<C is deceleration.

    Hope I’m explaining that well enough.