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  • Andy

    November 23, 2020 at 10:30 pm

    All motion occurs 3 dimensionally, because it impacts time mass motion simultaneously. And why wouldn’t it be? This is exactly what we observe in nature. The direction of motion is 1 dimensional, because it occurs in space, which is 1-dimensional. Space is the only physical ingredient in our make up, and the only thing that can move. Energy/motion and time aren’t tangibles things you can hold in your hand. They are what space is doing. The orientation of space is inward and outward. When matter travels inward it is in a contracting state. That gives space energy density. When matter travels outward it is in an expanding state. It loses energy density because it gains mass. The motion that we observe reduces the natural inward acceleration. We are slowing our motion down technically, which is the exact opposite of what we observe. It looks like acceleration, because all motion is relative, but it is deceleration. You have to look at space as a line running in and out. It’s a fat line, but 1-dimensional none the less. Any motion that we perceive along the x or y axis is really motion along the z axis. Mass is not gaining with our acceleration, it is expanding along the z axis as we decelerate, or slow our inward motion. Our perception of time is bound to mass and it expands and contracts with our motion. Expanding mass is perceived as slower time, and contracting mass is perceived as faster time. We are not traveling through time. Time is part of our 3D composite material in matter. Mass is the physical ingredient, where motion is the active ingredient, and time is the perceptual ingredient. The space we traverse is exactly the opposite, but equal. Time is in an expanding state for space, and a contracting state for matter. C as we see it is the rate of contraction, or change. You cannot exceed C because you would reverse course in your motion. Reversing course leads to a finite value of 0. C is not a limit of motion, it is a stop sign. It is the point at which your natural acceleration inward would flip to deceleration outward. There is an arrow of time that points inward with matter, and one that points outward for the space we move through. It’s all 1D space though, at its core.