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  • Andy

    November 23, 2020 at 2:30 pm

    So, it looks like I’m chatting with myself at the moment, but I wanted to get this thought down.

    I have more proof that the mathematical definition is wrong, and that infinity is seriously misunderstood. Cantor was wrong. And respectfully, anyone that believes 0<1<∞, is wrong. There’s no polite way to say it. Maybe misguided?

    If you take this set, 0<∞a<1, and claim ∞a are parts of the whole, and then take this set, 1<∞b<2, and claim ∞b are the parts of the whole, ∞a=∞b. There can’t logically be more variables between (0,1) or (1,2). It’s just invented redundant logic. The only difference between them is the magnitude of those parts, which is a .10 versus a 1.10 respectively. They are 11x bigger in the second set. And the only reason they are 11 times bigger is because they were derived from an arbitrary base 10 numbering system we invented. We invented it based on the digits of our hands so we could perform basic math with our hands for trade and commerce, which we were already doing way back when. We’re treating the universe mathematically like it’s an accounting problem.

    There is NO relevance to counting, quantity, or scale, in relationship to infinity. If we multiply either end number by .5, we end up with two parts in each set that are 1/2 the magnitude of the greatest number in the set. The parts can never be greater than whole from which they were derived.



    Makes no sense. Parts are derived from a finite whole in the real world, unlike money where we just print more. You can’t just arbitrarily invent the number 2, and then claim there are an infinite number of things between or beyond 0 and 2. Parts are derived from wholes, which would make infinity derived from 1 in the above logic, which makes the parts greater than the whole in magnitude.

    It is false logic.

    There is a finite number of possible parts between 0 and 1 at any given finite moment in time, because the parts define the whole. Under the conditions of infinite time (constant of change), there is an infinite number of parts, because the quantity is in a constant state of change. Claiming there is a greater number beyond 1 is an arbitrary assumption in logic. And then claiming it is infinite is based on a belief, not reason or logic.

    I’ve had 3 people agree with my interpretation so far, but I really haven’t taken it out for spin in the swamp too many times. I was told it would confuse people. Against their better judgement, which is probably a mistake on my part, I cannot support adding another term to science to appease potential confusion. Everyone is already confused. The definition and our understanding of infinity is wrong. It is not “a number greater than any assignable quantity or countable number.” Infinity is not a specific numeric value real or imagined, and it can never be greater than the whole from which is was derived.

    |0|<∞<|1| That’s the universe.

    Beyond our universe lies a motionless state of space. It becomes part of our universe when we expand into it, converting to mass once it starts moving. We experience mass, not space. Space is 1 dimensional, with a built in derivative dimension of time. v=0, space=1, time=1. Motionless space represent a dimensionless point mathematically. An end point, with a finite value of |1|. Nothing is greater than |1| in the universe. It is the greatest countable number as far as the universe is concerned. Anything greater is an invention of man.

    Our universe is a wave.

    That is what the logic tells us. Whether this wave will expand forever is not known by me, I just know it is what the universe is. I will say, based on Newtons 1st law of motion, it probably will continue expanding forever, because there is nothing to prevent its motion. The universe itself appears to be a constant in my reasoning, because it represents the constant of change. A body in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by an external force.

    I call this the Joan Wave Theory. It’s a theory derived from logic and deductive reasoning, not mathematics.

    We have dimension wrong too. Our universe is built on 1D space+1D motion+1D time=3D universe. Motion is a reciprocal term of energy. Space acquires energy from its motion and converts to tangible mass that we can experience. e=mc^2. Motion comes in two flavors, accelerating mass, and decelerating mass, giving us two equal and opposite flavors of energy. Space is decelerating motion in what we call space. Space that we traverse is mass in a decelerating condition. Matter is in an accelerating state of mass. There are no dimensions of length width and height. Those are measuring tools derived from motion and time that allows us to determine the scale or dimension of mass. Motion allow us to experience mass physically, and time allows is perceive mass perceptually. @v=1, m=0, t=0. @v=0, m=1, t=1. That describes the inner and outer limits of the universe respectively. Matter is created from the outer perimeter, where you have a high mass, low energy, low entropy state. It contracts and accelerates inward. Once it reaches the inner limit, where v=1, s=0, t=0, it converts to the space we traverse. It flips or inverts, and then decelerates back out to the perimeter as it expands. Motion starts on 0 and increases to the maximum at 1, and then decreases back to 0. Mass is space, and mass is matter. Energy is the motion of both. Equal and opposites.

    That’s what the logic is telling us. It’s the only thing that makes logical sense.