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  • Andy

    November 24, 2021 at 9:21 pm

    My apologies for not getting back to you John. Been a while since I’ve been on here and for some reasons I’m not getting notified of replies. I figured no one cared what I had to say.. 🙂

    You may like the math definition you propose, but it’s just one more definition to prove my hypothesis. Infinity is undefined in science, and literally meaningless as is currently understood.

    Here’s a quick search on another definition for infinity.

    – a number greater than any assignable quantity or countable number (symbol ∞)

    That one violates the literary meaning of infinity as endlessness, because it states infinity is a great finite number. It is basically defining infinite as finite, invalidating both infinity and finite as meaningful mathematically.

    I have had debates where people have actually tried to use that definition against me as proof I was wrong and mathematics has it clearly defined. Does it mean anything to you?

    What roll infinity plays in humanity is one of the greatest question of all time. Did our universe have a beginning, and will it have an end?

    The way I see infinity is change. Infinity is the constant of change, where finite is the absence of change. My definition would be closer to yours than the commonly accepted version, because change is seen as a constant in the universe. It’s also what we observe everywhere.

    Finite being the absence of change has never been observed. What we do observe is finite transition points from one state to the next. The speed of sound or a supernova explosion, for example. Or my birth, and my death. Finite points within infinite change. Nothing ever sits on those finite points. Everything is always in motion.

    I think the universe is infinite not because of scale, but because the universe itself is a constant. It’s like the speed of light, but represents a constant rate of change not motion. Light in it’s own way represents constant change in position.

    Change. That’s how infinity needs to be defined. Scale is relative, and quantities are always an expression of finite points. There can be always be a change, but there can never be a finite value in terms of quantities. Particularly important when counting stars or planets. The number of either is always rising or falling. There is not such thing as an infinite quantity of X at any given moment in time.