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  • Andy

    November 28, 2020 at 9:49 pm

    <div>Okay, so lets consolidate, something I do after a time. </div><div>


    There are two universes essentially, or two parts to the universe. An absolute finite universe, and an infinite universe. We exist in the infinite universe, which is dynamic and undergoing the constant of change. The finite portion of the universe is motionless space. It begins where infinity ends. Although you could imagine this as an endless void, its value is considered |1|. It is exactly the same everywhere. It’s an end point on a 1D line segment.

    We exist because the potential of no universe, or |0|, exists. |1| and |0| cannot occupy the same space. Or in English, something isn’t nothing, and nothing isn’t something, and the universe cannot be both absolutes at the same time. We are a little of both in a non-absolute state. Our universe divides |0| and |1|, so it sits between these two potential states. Although, |1|/|0|=∞, it’s not really about a solution to the problem. It doesn’t solve per se. It’s an active solution, with no apparent end, as far as I can imagine. This is what gives the total universe a maximum potential of |1|, and a minimum potential of |0|, forming 1-dimensional space.

    Space is 1-dimensional. It’s really not that hard to understand. The maximum state of the universe is motionless space, and the minimum state is no space. We exist as something more than nothing, and something less than everything. Although we can imagine space with dimension with or without something in it, it cannot be 3D until the addition 1D motion and 1D time. The space we traverse and matter must possess motion, for us to recognize it as part of our universe. We experience energy, which is space in motion, not motionless space. Only potential lies in motionless space.

    The big bang did not happen. Space cannot be created or destroyed. Unless you’re talking about emptying out your closet, or filling it back up. If you really think about it, and I mean really think about it, it is a completely absurd concept. It is irrational logic that makes no sense. Someday when science accepts the reality of what they’re proposing, I think they’ll look back at it as another flat Earth idea. Time also cannot be created or destroyed. First off, it’s not really a thing. It’s a derivative property of space in motion as we view it. It allows us to gain perspective.

    There is a definite definable link to mathematics. That link is tied to the primary absolutes of |0| and |1|. If you look at this problem, which is on going, |1|/|0|=∞, it yields non absolute 0 and 1 which do reside in our universe. What they mean is dependent on time and motion, and is merely a relative perspective. |1|/∞=0. |0|x∞=1. We have some properties of |0| and |1| in our universe, but neither |0| or |1| can occur in our piece of the universe.

    Our range of motion is 0 to 1. Times range of frequency of 0 to 1. Motion itself is a function of expansion and contraction, not pure linear motion as we observe. Motion does not occur without space and time. Motion always occurs 3-dimensionally, because all 3 dimensions we are comprised of are impact by motion.

    Space has mass, and matter has mass. Everything within our universe moves, including space. Mass is definable as motion+space. Motionless space cannot exist within our universe. That’s finite motionless space, which lies outside our universe.

    So let me add a couple of mass terms to avoid confusion.

    Em=space we traverse


    Motion for Cm begins on the outer edge of the universe, and contracts inward to the inner edge accelerating to 1. Once Cm reaches the inner edge at v=1, then t=0 and Cm=0. It reflect back out converting to Em in the process, and expands all the way back out to where it began. The edge is, v=0, t=1, Em=1. This creates two unique forms of mass energy, contractive energy, and expansive energy.

    The important thing to understand here is, matter comes from motionless space, where the Value of Em=1, T=1, V=0. Time and space is already present in manufacturing process. It’s just waiting to move to convert to mass energy that we can experience.

    I’m guessing it’s the collapse of dimensionless 1D motionless space. The outer edge would be a high mass, low energy, low entropy state, ripe for particle formation. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we would have a high energy, low mass, high entropy state. That must be ideal conditions for recognizable space, or Em to form.

    I think the total process is generating a wave of creation, which sweeps outward into motionless space. It could even be a continuous series of waves, but from the inside of each waves physics would be identical, without a doubt. We’re dealing with 3 1-dimensional states, so they can’t do a whole lot. It would work something like this. We would exist within 1 single wave of a set. Maybe wave set 7,8. We would see it from a relative perspective of 0,1, however, for the purposes of explanation, the proceeding wave would be set 6,7, and the next wave out would be 8,9. Our maximum state of 8 would be 0 in the next wave out, and the one before us our 7 would be the 1. It’s all relative motion. I am not suggesting these is or isn’t more universes, but if there were, our universe would be very similar to ripples in a pond. They would be perfectly linear in nature.

    The universe is basically the perfect machine creating the perfect wave. Motionless space is the raw fuel, continually feeding into the system as it expands outward, forever slowing down over time. The matter coming in would be forever accelerating over time, because the distance between the inner and outer wall would be expanding. And because of the laws of motion that we do understand, a body in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by an external force, so there is nothing to stop the expansion. Our universe is moving 3-dimensionally outward. Our universe favors creation.

    It’s just space bouncing back and forth growing over time. It’s so simple, it has to be right. It can’t really do anything else, because we’re dealing with 3 simple linear processes, space, time, and motion.

    So I’ve destroyed the notion of 3D space as we currently understand it. Embedded time and motion into matter and space. Eliminated dark energy. Eliminated space-time. Killed the big bang and turned us into a wave. Tied the expansion to an influx of energy, eliminating the violations in the laws of motion and the conservation of energy. We are not a perpetual motion machine, and we do not gain energy over time, because we have an external fuel source motionless space to power the entire universe and drive expansion. With an unlimited supply of fuel. I’ve given a rough outline on the motion of light, and eliminated the need for aether. That’s probably not making many around here happy. Added the concept of 3D motion, which is exactly what we actually observe in motion. Einstein separated time from matter, and treated motion as an independent variable. I’ve incorporated Glenn’s Borchardt matter/motion concept into the universe. I’ve redefined infinity to match real mathematical logic, rather than the cultural beliefs that obviously define it now. What else?

    When I write it all down in one place, I realize I’m getting tired of writing it all down. I feel like I’m taking some short cuts here, so forgive the writing and any unintentional flaws. Look at the gist of what I’m saying.

    It’s mostly right, and I know it.

    The only thing I haven’t been able to get a good handle on is gravity. Still working on some concepts for the that problem. I see it, but I can’t get the mechanics down in my mind. Getting a little tired of writing.